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Orkney Islands - Wildfowling Paradise

The Orkney Islands lie just off the North Coast of Scotland and are easily accessible by either car or plane to the capital Kirkwall. The island lies directly in the migratory line of the wild geese and ducks that travel from Iceland to mainland Britain. Its landscape of lakes, wet fields and stubble offer fantastic feeding grounds for these birds and very good sport can be had shooting Greylag geese over decoys and flighting ducks in the many lakes that we manage.

Walking up snipe and decoying golden plover can be hugely rewarding to the shooter who enjoys quality sport. The parties are made up of a minimum of six guns with the shooting in the morning taking place in groups of two per butt or hide with decoys. Shotguns and steel cartridges, for shooting in the proximity of water, are provided. Accommodation is located in the local hotels which offer a fantastic range of local seafood and meat from the award winning Aberdeen Angus cattle.