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Roe and Red Deer Stalking

Roe deer stalking has become increasingly popular in Scotland due to the quality of the trophy improving every year. We don't shoot any roe that is not a mature six pointer with a number of gold and silver medal bucks taken every year. The main areas that we manage are in the Fife and Angus regions where the farmland is rich in minerals and winter food which is ideal for trophy growth. The best period to stalk roe deer is April to the beginning of August with four rifles taking a whole area for four to five days shooting.

Most of the red deer stalking is carried out in the highland glens of Perthshire and on the West Coast of Scotland. The best time is September until the 20th of October when the stags are in full rut. The stalkers will be accompanied by a gamekeeper and a gillie who will take them through the glen right into position to shoot the stag. One stag per day is almost guaranteed however given the unpredictable Scottish weather a four day period of stalking would be required to shoot roughly three to four stags per person.